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Saturday 21st of October 2017

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Juvenile Justice without Frontiers Grant

The IJJO is an ambitious endeavor that promotes an international and interdisciplinary approach to issues related to juvenile justice, based on UN norms and rules and implemented through its mission and activities. The IJJO's work is inspired by the recommendations of the United Nations and the European Institutions (Council of Europe, European Parliament, European Commission and European Economic and Social Committee) as well as the Fundamental Rights Agency covering Juvenile Justice and Childcare matters.

The JUVENILE JUSTICE WITHOUT FRONTIERS GRANT is meant to provide a global framework for measuring and presenting specific information about the situation of children in conflict with the law focusing on the development of specific Juvenile Justice Indicators.

1. IJJO research strategy

As an international reference in the area of the protection of the rights of minors in conflict with the law and youth at-risk, the IJJO promotes, fosters and coordinates researches at the international level.

The idea behind this research grant is to draw a reliable map of JUVENILE JUSTICE in Europe which will become the scientific basis for reinforcing and unifying work tools and procedures among legal professionals regardless on the differences of the penal systems in Europe.

Indicators are considered as a key for measuring and presenting specific information about the situation of children in conflict with the law. An agreed set of indicators represents a basic dataset and a comparative and benchmarking tool that offers a starting point for the assessment, evaluation and policy development.

The IJJO is highly concerned by the lack of common instruments, resources and operational tools on the collection of specific juvenile justice data and statistics in EU member states. Therefore, we consider important to undertake a research work that will fulfil this gap. We look forward to receiving research proposals that will cover this issue in a comprehensive manner.

2. Binding criteria of the research proposals

The research proposal should:

  • Establish ways to work on the existing Juvenile Justice Indicators and compare national data according to the present statistics;
  • Be innovative, involving new methods and new approaches;
  • Include data from different sources to map juvenile justice in EU;
  • Be capable to integrate reliable information of other organizations in the different Member States.
    Proposal structure:
  • Title
  • Introduction: Justification, interest and originality of the research (300 words)
  • Objectives (400 words)
  • Methodology and experimental structure (400 words)
  • Work stages (400 words)
  • Bibliography

3. Selection criteria

This Grant rewards contributions to Juvenile Justice and the purpose of achieving a global view of juvenile crimes. The JUVENILE JUSTICE WITHOUT FRONTIERS GRANT will be awarded to a researcher who shows an outstanding research proposal on Juvenile Justice Indicators.

Through this research proposal, the grant recipient is required to demonstrate:

  • Her/his high degree of skill concerning quantitative data analysis.
  • Her/his commitment to a Juvenile Justice related issues.
  • Her/his professionalism in presenting a clear well written research methodology contributing to the field of Juvenile Justice Indicators.


Former researches on juvenile justice and data collection on juvenile crime will also be taken into consideration during the evaluation of the proposal.


An international panel of experts will select the best and most interesting application.


4. Grant description


The grant has been officially awarded in a ceremony that took place in December 2009, in Brussels.


The grant holder has been awarded a four months scholarship to undertake research work in IJJO.



With the support of the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme European Commission - Directorate-General Justice, Freedom and Security



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