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Saturday 4th of July 2020

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New Possibilities for Juvenile Justice: Directions for Youth Transformation

Willie James Webb


This book has three enlightening sections regarding juvenile recidivism, administrative services and treatment methodologies. The first section is based on research, studies and analyses of the social characteristics of 40 randomly selected juvenile recidivists referred to the juvenile court over a ten year period. This study explores and analyzes the respective families, neighborhoods, schools, grade levels, religious affiliation, socio-economic status, mental health and the types and numbers of legal offenses that were committed by the repeat offenders. This study establishes a pattern and identifying social factors relating to causal factors contributing to their repetitious offensive acts and violations of the law. There are clearly predictive factors for juvenile repeat offenders that can be used to predict, control, prevent, control and reduce significantly, juvenile offenses and recidivism. The second section of this book explores essentials for effective administration for juvenile courts and other social service agencies in the community. All agencies, and especially human service agencies must be administratively and operationally healthy. They must not contribute to the demoralization of the staff who already face low morale challenges in treating and serving clients who are associated with substantial depressive pathologies. Specific personnel standards, policies and procedures are vital to optimize the effectiveness of the service providing staff. There are certain training essentials and requirements that center around competence, morality, professionalism and ethical standards that must be enforced in order to maintain an efficient, functional, healthy and safe work environment. If the service providing staff are not trained and treated well, it is doubtful that they can serve and treat their clients well.



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2013 English

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Publications Book

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Book 978-1491821893

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