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Monday 26th of October 2020

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Research and Selection of the Most Effective Juvenile Restorative Justice Practices in Europe: Snapshots from 28 EU Member States

Dr. Frieder Dünkel, Dr. Andrea Parosanu, Dr. Philip Horsfield
European Council for Juvenile Justice, International Juvenile Justice Observatory


Volume I of the ‘European Research on Restorative Juvenile Justice’.

This volume, entitled ‘Research and Selection of the Most Effective Juvenile Restorative Justice Practices in Europe: Snapshots from 28 EU Member States’, is an analysis of existing restorative practices across the 28 EU Member States, reviewed in their national snapshots. It is an investigation of the various factors that contribute to the effectiveness of restorative justice, taking into account: the legal bases that trigger the access and use to restorative practices; the organisational framework and the attribution of responsibilities that determine the delivery of restorative measures; the implementation of restorative justice in practice; and finally the evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of restorative measures.

The 'Snapshots' provide the background research for the next volume to be released, the ‘European Model for Restorative Justice with Juveniles’. Based on the 28 national snapshots this volume analyses the key features of good restorative justice systems. It then picks out three case studies; Belgium, Finland and Northern Ireland, examining in greater detail the practices in each. From the good practices established in the ‘European Model’, the final volume will provide a toolkit to practitioners involved in juvenile justice and aims to diffuse the most effective restorative justice methods.



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2015 English

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Publications Research


Justice, Restorative

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