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Sunday 27th of May 2018

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The Cost of Juvenile Probation: A Critical Look into Juvenile Supervision Fee


Youth in 21 states can be charged fees for the cost of probation supervision, placing a tremendous burden on young people and their families, according to an issue brief and corresponding infographic released this week by the National Juvenile Defender Center.  

Among the jurisdictions that reported charging supervision fees, the costs vary from a flat fee of $10 to monthly fees that can add up to well above $2,000 -- and that's on top of numerous other fines and costs charged as a result of a delinquency case. If children or families do not have the means to pay the fees, the consequences can be devastating: among them, children are locked up, kept on probation indefinitely, or have civil judgements imposed on them and their families.

"When young people are charged supervision fees, families often must confront the impossible dilemma of covering the cost of their child's freedom or affording household necessities, which only serves to perpetuate the criminalization of poverty," said Mary Ann Scali, NJDC's executive director. "In general, no formal process exists for a family to demonstrate they are unable to afford these fees and seek relief."

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