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Monday 28th of September 2020

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Towards a Global Indicator on Unidentified Victims in Child Sexual Exploitation Material

ECPAT International


There is widespread recognition of the scarcity of reliable data and research on child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and child sexual exploitation material (CSEM). This is due to the clandestine and criminal nature of these phenomena. As noted below, some studies documenting the use of technologies to sexually exploit and abuse children have been conducted, with an emphasis on the characteristics of those victims depicted in the imagery. However, the underlying constraints on evidence generation in the area remain. These are due, in part, to a lack of comprehensive and consistent data (e.g. on victim experience), methodological, ethical and legal challenges in researching CSAM/CSEM, and highly limited resourcing in relation to the scope and significance of the issue. No representative international baselines of empirical data have been produced on the victimisation of children depicted in this material, or on the quality of the response by law enforcement agencies around the world to this problem.

Through their respective programmes of work, INTERPOL and ECPAT International recognise an urgent need to fill this gap. Evidence is needed in order to raise awareness; support advocacy for improved policies, laws and resourcing; strengthen evidence-based programming, and to enhance law enforcement and other intervention in the sphere of victim identification at national, regional and international level. The present study is intended as an initial effort towards this goal, taking advantage of the momentum of heightened international attention and new commitments and partnerships to address online child sexual exploitation (OCSE), and the sexual exploitation of children more generally.



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2018 English

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Grey Literature Report


Abuse, Child, Exploitation, Internet, Justice, Juvenile, Paedophilia, Sexual, Statistics, Victims

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