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Tuesday 27th of October 2020

Press Room

'AWAY' project on diversion for children: Facilitators manual, booklet and report

Wednesday 13th of February 2019
IJJO Day by Day

Among the resources published by the ‘AWAY - Alternative Ways to Address Youth’ project, today we bring the spotlight to a facilitators manual, the ‘Juvenile Justice A to Z’ brochure for children and young people, and a report on juvenile diversion in Romania. These materials stand alongside and support the other resources produced within the framework of the project – including an online course, a video on restorative justice in Belgium, and a European synthesis report

The ‘Facilitators Manual: Guidelines to Enhance Child Participation and Work with Youth on Child Advisory Boards’ provides guidance for all partners on how to work with the Child Advisory Boards (CAB) within the 'AWAY' project. After introducing the project, information is provided on setting up and developing a CAB. The manual also suggests approaches and guides ethical principles for child participation. Along with the methodological background, practical tools are included to help practitioners in working with the CAB. Although prepared specifically for the 'AWAY' project, this manual is adaptable for use with any newly formed group of children or youth.

The ‘Juvenile Justice from A to Z’ booklet tries to answer the most common questions of young people when it comes to justice issues. The brochure presents, among other aspects, the rights of youth who might be suspects, victims or witnesses, and the roles of various professionals within the justice system. It has been published in an English version, which offers a general/European overview, and a Romanian version, which is adapted to the local legislation of Romania.

Finally, the report ‘Juvenile diversion in Romania – Working in isolation’ provides an analysis of the juvenile justice system in this country, with a special focus on the diversion measures. The evaluation was conducted in light of both EU and UN standards, and the report was presented during an advocacy event organised in Bucharest.

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