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Queen Sofia Center for the Study of Violence

Centro Reina Sofía para el estudio de la violencia


National, Spain

TypeCountry of origin

Research Centre Spain


Research, Social, Violence


The main objectives of the Queen Sofia Center for the Study of Violence are:
To conduct a National Program for the Epidemiology of Abuse in the Family, with the aim of obtaining
reliable figures on the incidence and prevalence of abuse in the family, and also victim and aggressor
profiles for Spain. The ultimate objective is to prevent this type of abuse from occurring.

To promote teaching activities by inviting prominent international experts on violence in any of its manifestations.

To organize events (workshops, courses, meetings,...) that disseminate as widely and rigorously as
possible theoretical and practical knowledge about violence in any of its manifestations.

To promote research on violence among graduate students.

Contact details

Calle Pintor López, 7-1º-1ª, 46003, Valencia, Valencia, Spain
Telephone: 34963919764 - Fax: 34963919752


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