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Miércoles, 23 de Mayo de 2018

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Human Rights and Deprivation of Liberty in Kenya: An Analysis of the Human Rights’ Situation and Guidelines for an Internal Monitoring System

Silvia Randazzo
International Juvenile Juvenile Observatory


Kenya is one of the African countries that has domesticated almost all the key international conventions on human rights. Ratification of the International Covenant on civil and political rights in 1972 represents a crucial step in the harmonization process of Kenyan law to international standards, established eventually with the new Constitution in 2010. Concerning specifically human rights in detention facilities, the Kenyan Government committed to the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners and so to their revised version, known as the Mandela Rules. Despite the existence of quite a comprehensive legislative framework and a political will to improve the system and align it with the international standards – since the beginning of a reform’s process back in the first years of 2000 – the situation of human rights violations in Kenya needs further efforts for the actual implementation of laws and standards and for providing the legislation with the appropriate structures.

This report is the main publication of the project 'Strengthening human rights within correctional facilities'


África - Kenia

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