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Organización Internacional Bélgica2005


Derechos, Educación, Escuela, Menores


IDAY is an organization launched in 2005 upon request of several associations from African civil society. Our international network of 24 brings together 450 associations in Africa and Europe, all united by a shared goal – quality basic education for all African children and youth.

IDAY network advocates for the right of all African youth to access quality basic education by encouraging constructive dialogue between African civil society organisations (CSO) and their governments.

Education is a responsibility of the governments. Africa has the necessary resources to achieve it but a greater share needs to be allocated to education, health and basic amenities. Local civil society has a leading role to play to support this change.

Constructive dialogue and trust between citizens and their authorities are key to successful development processes and respect of fundamentals rights. Aware of this, IDAY-network members lead advocacy campaigns towards their government for every child and youth in Africa to enjoy their right to free quality basic education. To date, 80 millions of them are still deprived of it.

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Rue des Jambes 19, , 1420 Braine-l'Alleud, Bélgica
Teléfono:+32 2 385 44 13


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