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Samedi 04 Juillet 2020


NOTA Scotland – KEEP SAFE training



Jeudi 22 Novembre 2018 - Vendredi 23 Novembre 2018


Keep Safe is an intervention programme developed for males aged 12-17 with an IQ < 70 who have displayed problematic or harmful sexual behaviours.  It was developed by the ySOTSEC-ID partnership based at  the Tizard Centre, University of Kent  and was  piloted and evaluated at two feasibility sites in the UK in the funding window and one individually-focused network and family delivery. A third Keep Safe group reports this summer. Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust Multi-agency Be Safe Service, contributed significantly to the development of the manual and was one of the feasibility sites.

The programme integrates the Good Lives and Good Way Models with Cognitive Behavioural approaches. It incorporates modules on engagement, relationships, sexual relationships and boundaries, managing feelings, understanding my behaviour, empathy, respect, consequences, and safety planning / relapse prevention. Group  sessions are provided for both young people and their  parents / carers . The manual now incorporates guidance on delivering Keep Safe as an individually-focused family intervention.  The Keep Safe training days will enable participants to: understand the theory and evidence-informed practice underpinning the Keep Safe intervention; develop the skills to deliver Keep Safe in both its original group-delivery format or as an individually-focused, family intervention.

NOTA Scotland and the CYCJ is delighted that two of the authors of the programme, Rowena Rossiter, Clinical Psychologist  and Stephen Barry, Be Safe Service Lead Clinician/Clinical Team Manager, will be providing training.




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