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Lundi 25 Mai 2020


International symposium ‘Deprivation of Liberty of Children in The Justice System – Towards A Global Research Agenda’



Vendredi 13 Avril 2018


It is estimated that on any given day millions of children are deprived of their liberty worldwide. Many of these children are placed in detention facilities because they are suspected or found guilty of committing a criminal offence. This international symposium addresses deprivation of liberty of children in the context of juvenile criminal justice from international and interdisciplinary perspectives. The symposium aims to exchange research and knowledge and to develop a specific interdisciplinary research agenda that can be supportive to the United Nations Study on Children Deprived of Liberty and to governments in implementing international children’s rights standards.

The core objectives of the symposium are:

-Exchanging knowledge, expertise and research among scholars and practitioners from different parts of the world and with different disciplines on the issue of deprivation of liberty of children and alternatives to detention;

-Using academic research findings for the development of guidelines for laws, policies and practices regarding deprivation of liberty of children and for the development of effective and rights-based alternatives to detention;

-Contributing to the United Nations Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty;

-Drafting a research agenda and laying the foundation for international and interdisciplinary research by and collaborations between scholars on the issue of deprivation of liberty of children and alternatives to detention.




Leiden University, Faculty of Law (Universités)


Droits, Justice, Juvénile, Liberté, Mineurs, Pénal, Protection


Old Leiden Observatory Sterrenwachtlaan 11, 2311GW, Leiden


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