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Lundi 06 Avril 2020

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Guidance for Working with Children and Young People who are vulnerable to the messages of Radicalisation and Extremism - London Borough of Merton

Merton Safeguarding Children Board


The current threat from terrorism and extremism in the UK is real and severe and can involve the exploitation of vulnerable people including children and young people. This can include involving them in extremist activity in the UK or abroad.

This guidance has been developed in the context of the Government’s overarching counterterrorism strategy Contest and the Prevent strategy which was developed in 2011 to respond to the threat of extremist activity. It has been further informed by the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015, which places the Prevent programme on a statutory footing, Working Together 2015 and by the new inspection frameworks for schools, academies and HE and FE.

This guidance has been developed in accordance with the following National and Regional Guidance:

- Working Together 2015

- The Revised Prevent Duty: Guidance for England and Wales (July 2015)

- Keeping Children Safe In Education, Annex A, September 2016

- The London Child Protection Procedures 5th Edition, Chapter 6


Europe - Royaume-Uni

Année Langue

2017 Anglais

Catégorie Type

Littérature Grise Guide


Enfant, Mesures, Prévention, Social, Terrorisme

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