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Jeudi 04 Juin 2020


Global Database on the Right to education


This Database provides documentation and information concerning the implementation of the right to education at every level of education, under constitutional, legislative and policy frameworks and covering various areas relating to this right in a country. 

Categorization and sources

Country data is organized in five categories: 1) Ratification status of normative instruments, 2) Monitoring of the right to education, 3) Constitutional framework, 4) Legislative and administrative framework, and 5) Educational policies.

The "Ratification status" and "Monitoring" categories include ratification and monitoring statuses of international normative instruments relevant to the right to education, as well as country-specific observations from the UN human rights bodies – presented as extracts or abstracts without analysis from the original sources.

The other categories relate to the constitutional, legislative and administrative frameworks at country level as well as illustrations of their implementation in educational policies. The information is presented without analysis by UNESCO and depends on the availability of resources, and their relevance to the right to education.

The Database also includes a Library compiling Member States’ constitutions, laws and decrees, as well as programmes and plans, relevant to the right to education. This library is a non-exhaustive compilation of national documents relevant to the right to education collected online by UNESCO.

The content of the Database is mainly drawn from information provided by Member States in their State reports submitted to UNESCO. Other main sources of information include country official websites (e.g., Ministries of education and legislative bodies) and UN resources. The detailed list of sources can be consulted here.

The Database is not intended to provide a comprehensive or exhaustive picture of the country situation.


Country profiles are written in English or in French. The library offers the possibility of containing available official texts in other languages.

Distribution of countries

For practical purposes, the distribution of countries by region does not necessarily correspond to the Definition of regions with a view to the execution by the Organization of regional activities.




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