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Dimanche 12 Juillet 2020


World's Children’s Prize Foundation


Europe, Suède

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Fondation Suède


Droits de l'homme, Enfant, Genre

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Our vision:

A world where the rights of the child are universally respected and where every new generation grows up as humane global citizens.


Our mission:

The World’s Children’s Prize (WCP) and its educational programs builds on the idea that every new generation must be given the necessary knowledge and experience to grow into tolerant, compassionate people. The WCP program engages children and gives them knowledge of the rights of the child and democracy.   Our goal is a more humanitarian world, where all children’s rights are respected. The program empowers children as global citizens, helping them become change agents who contribute to positive development in their country and in the world.


Our programs include:

• An educational process built on the principle of ‘by children for children’, promoting children’s rights*, a strong and vibrant democratic civil society, the protection of the environment and global friendship.


• Recognizing children’s champions who inspire children throughout the world because of their outstanding work for children whose rights have been violated.


• Support for the world’s most vulnerable children by granting prize sums to the individuals and organisations which we recognise in order to enable them to further their work.


• The empowerment of children, especially those who suffer violations of their rights, giving them a voice in the world, respect for their rights and faith in the future.


* As defined under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

Données de contact

Långatan 13, SE-647 24, Mariefred, Suède
Téléphone: +46-159-129 00


  • Observatoire International de Justice Juvénile (OIJJ). Fondation Belge d'utilité Publique

    Tous droits réservés

  • Siège: Rue Armand Campenhout, nº 72 bte 10. 1050. Bruxelles. Belgique.

    Téléphone: 00 32 262 988 90. Fax: 00 32 262 988 99.

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