GLOBAL MARCH Contra el Trabajo Infantil

GLOBAL MARCH Contra el Trabajo Infantil
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Global March Against Child Labour undertook a worldwide march in 1998. This was the largest social mobilisation in history for the benefit of children. The march was aimed at motivating concrete action against child labour. Organizations and people across five continents walked in solidarity with the cause. Global March has launched a Global Campaign for Education in partnership with Education International, OXFAM International and ActionAid, in a bid to provide education for all at the earliest. The campaign has been joined by World Vision, Social Alert, World Confederation of Teachers and Save the Children Fund, UK.


Global March Against Child Labour is a movement borne out of hope and the need felt by thousands of people across the globe - the desire to set children free from servitude. Global March movement began with a worldwide march when thousands of people marched together to jointly put forth the message against child labour. The march, which started on January 17, 1998, touched every corner of the globe, built immense awareness and led to high level of participation from the masses. This march finally culminated at the ILO Conference in Geneva. The voice of the marchers was heard and reflected in the draft of the ILO Convention against the worst forms of child labour. The following year, the Convention was unanimously adopted at the ILO Conference in Geneva. The movement is soon going to publish a worldwide report on the worst forms of child labour, which shall state the situation a year from the time the Convention was adopted unanimously. Global March movement is involved in assessing and lobbying for the ratification and implementation of the Convention. The dedicated partners of the Global March movement form an effective network around the world. Acting as vigilant observers and lobbying with governments in their region, they form the backbone of the movement. The Global March International Secretariat is located in New Delhi, India.

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