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The Youth Research Platform, the Flemish interdisciplinary cooperation between three academic research groups initiated by the Flemish government to stimulate systematical and interdisciplinary attention for youth research.

The Youth Research Platform was founded in 2003 by the Flemish government in response to the identification of several problems and shortcomings in the state of Flemish youth research. The youth policy plan of the Flemish government (2002) cited the problem as follows “One of the most important obstacles in Flanders is the lack of sufficient youth research and the lack of convergence between the research projects. There is also a problem with the communication of these research results.” The Youth Research Platform (JOP) aims to change this situation. By the existence of JOP, structural attention for youth research has been made possible by the Flemish government. Up until the creation of JOP, there was no solid structure making an overview of youth research on regular bases or gathering data on the social life of Flemish youth on a recurrent and structural basis.

Youth Research Platform
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