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Friday 21st of February 2020

IJJO Conference

6th IJJO International Connference


The main objective of the 6th IJJO International Conference is to generate knowledge and gather expertise from professionals around the world and to tackle complex issues from an interdisciplinary and multicultural perspective. The conference proposed solutions to challenges related to juvenile crime and the situation of children in conflict with the law.

Through this event, the IJJO aims to contribute to the improvement of policies and intervention programmes to protect children at risk of social exclusion. The IJJO uses its series of international conferences to define its medium-term advocacy and research priorities.

The 6th IJJO International Conference, "Making Deprivation of Children’s Liberty a Last Resort: Towards evidence-based policies on alternatives", analysed two main themes:

I. Reforming Juvenile justice systems: more preventive and restorative, less punitive?

  • Juvenile Crime prevention: Lessons learned with the EU’s ‘Keeping Youth Away from Crime’ Project
  • Educating children about their rights: Lessons learned with the EU’s ‘Children's Legal Education-Adapted Resources’ Project
  • Prevention and Diversion mechanisms: validated experiences across the globe: Presentation of evidence-based practices

II. Creating tailored juvenile justice systems: Development of innovative and validated alternative practices

  • Access to justice and specialisation of judicial and legal professionals .
  • Fostering restorative and mediation-based practices by empowering the community.
  • The relevance of promoting assessment and evaluation projects aiming to measure the impact and the effectiveness of interventions.

Please visit the Programme section and the Speakers section for more information.

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