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Thursday 19th of July 2018

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A Profile of Potentially Vulnerable Gang Associated Girls and Women

Greater Manchester Police and Specialist Crime Solutions


The purpose of this report is to contribute to the debate and discussion relating to the role of girls and women linked to gangs and serve as a starting point to develop a multi-agency understanding to the identification, and response to, vulnerability factors of gang associated girls and women.

Specifically, this report will share an approach to identifying gang associated girls and women, underlining the importance of the need for a thorough understanding of local issues. The main body of the report provides a profile of the gang associated girls and women in relation to South Manchester street gangs. Through the findings of this study suggestions are made for practical steps to identifying and building a response to the vulnerability factors linked to gang associated girls and women. It is anticipated that this report will be a useful reference document for commissioners of services, managers and practitioners within Multi-agency Safeguarding Hubs, Law Enforcement Agencies and local politicians.


Europe - United Kingdom

Year Language

2015 English

Category Type

Grey Literature Report


Gangs, Gender

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