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Sunday 19th of August 2018

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Preventive Care Use Among Justice-Involved and Non–Justice-Involved Youth

Matthew C. Aalsma, Valerie R. Anderson, Katherine Schwartz, Fangqian Ouyang, Wanzhu Tu, Marc B. Rosenman, Sarah E. Wiehe
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Youth involved in the juvenile justice system (ie, arrested youth) are at risk for health problems. Although increasing preventive care use by justice-involved youth (JIY) is 1 approach to improving their wellbeing, little is known about their access to and use of care. The objective of this study was to determine how rates of well-child (WC) and emergency department visits, as well as public insurance enrolment continuity, differed between youth involved in the justice system and youth who have never been in the system. The authors hypothesised that JIY would exhibit less frequent WC and more frequent emergency service use than non-justice-involved youth (NJIY).

The sample included 88 647 youth; 20 668 (23%) were involved in the justice system. JIY had lower use rates of WC visits and higher use rates of emergency services in comparison with NJIY. JIY had more and longer gaps in Medicaid coverage compared with NJIY. For all youth sampled, both preventive and emergency services use varied significantly by Medicaid enrolment continuity.

The authors concluded that JIY experience more and longer gaps in Medicaid coverage, and rely more on emergency services than NJIY. Medicaid enrolment continuity was associated with differences in WC and emergency service use among JIY, with policy implications for improving preventive care for these vulnerable youth.

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North America - United States

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2017 English

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Grey Literature Report


Health, Minors, Offenders, Systems

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