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Monday 20th of August 2018

Press Room

The IJJO launches the website for the Latin American Council for Juvenile Justice

Thursday 14th of September 2017
IJJO Day by Day

The newly launched website of the Latin American Council for Juvenile Justice (LCJJ) will be the primary communication channel to keep up to date with the Council’s activities and obtain information on its structure, as well as functioning as a platform for collaboration among its members. The website includes a presentation of the Council’s activities and members, as well as details of its meetings, and is designed to facilitate the exchange of relevant knowledge between members and stakeholders in the region. 

The website will include profiles of the LCJJ’s members. The Latin American Council brings together representatives of public administration working in the field of juvenile justice, universities and academic centres, the judicial system and non-governmental organisations with experience in legislation, application, supervision, research and/or intervention in juvenile justice. The objective is to propose coordinated action to compile reports, proposals and develop projects.

A section of the website is dedicated to outlining the meetings of the LCJJ. It includes information regarding the upcoming First Meeting of the LCJJ, which will focus on promoting child-friendly juvenile justice systems in the Latin American Region.

The LCJJ’s website is as well a resource centre and will contain the documents derived from the Council’s work. It currently displays a publication co-produced by the IJJO within the framework of the EUROsociAL II programme, the 'Modelo regional de política de justicia juvenil' ('Regional Model for Juvenile Justice Policy') which aims to set the main guidelines for juvenile justice policy reforms in Latin American countries.

A News section is also incorporated, which will also be featured on the upcoming LCJJ’s newsletter. LCJJ members are encouraged to submit news about the latest developments in the juvenile justice field in the region, as well as about any project or event to which they have contributed.

If you wish to contribute to the website and newsletters' content, or to recommend interesting news and publications to the IJJO staff, please write to: consejolatinoamericano@oijj.org

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