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Friday 16th of November 2018

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The ‘Strengthening Juvenile Justice Systems in the counter-terrorism context’ project launches a community of practice

Friday 2nd of March 2018
IJJO Day by Day

A new community of practice website has been launched as part of the ‘Strengthening Juvenile Justice Systems in the counter-terrorism context’ project, which is funded by the Justice Programme of the European Union. This project deals with the issue of children involved in radicalisation processes leading to violent extremism and terrorism. It focuses on the action taken by justice systems to prevent and tackle this issue. 

This community of practice aims to fuel the discussion on these issues among its members, as well as to promote their collaboration to achieve common outcomes. It has been built as a platform to facilitate the sharing of new developments, evidence-based best practices and relevant publications. The community website is now open for stakeholders to join as new members.

The website includes two open-access sections that aim to disseminate useful resources in this field. One of them, ‘Law and policy’, will also host the regional and national reports produced as outputs of the ‘Strengthening’ project. There is also a news section to keep users updated about the latest relevant developments.

This website also contains a private area where members can share resources that they deem interesting to the rest of the community, as well as discuss relevant topics in forum threads and receive their colleagues’ input.

If you are interested in becoming a member of this community of practice, please click on this link to create a new account on the website. Your membership will become official once your account has been approved by the administrators. We encourage you to become an active and engaged member of this community. 

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