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Monday 16th of July 2018

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The Beyond Youth Custody programme publishes report regarding resettlement support measures for young custody leavers

Monday 10th of July 2017
Juvenile Justice in the world

The british programme Beyond Youth Custody (BYC) has recently released a research report titled ‘Lessons from Youth in Focus’. BYC, which focuses on delivering resettlement support to young custody leavers, is one of the three England-wide learning and awareness projects funded under the Youth in Focus (YIF) programme. The report gathers detailed information about the BYC programme results, regarding the application of its model for effective resettlement within 15 YIF projects.

This publication provides a thorough analysis of qualitative and quantitative data sets from these projects, including from interviews, project client databases, survey returns, and offending data relating to YIF participants. The lessons learned from the YIF projects are organized in four headings: young people, offending and process of change; facilitating and sustaining engagement; providing individually tailored and continuous support; and delivering coordinated resettlement services.

The final part of the report underlines the positive changes which have been taking place in the 15 YIF projects across a range of impact areas. Furthermore, it also indicates that the BYC team was << impressed by the extent to which YIF projects were able to engage with young people >>.

Beyond Youth Custody has been designed to help implement or accelerate systemic change to improve outcomes for youth in post-adjudication custody. Moreover, it brings together Nacro, a social justice charity working for crime reduction, with three research and evaluation partners: ARCS (UK), and Salford and Bedfordshire universities.

Nacro was founded in 1972, and the organization has been working ever since to provide a better access to education, housing, justice and health to people in social difficulty. It also offers a wide range of services which aim to prevent and reduce crime and the risk of reoffending.

The IJJO would like to congratulate the Beyond Youth Custody programme on its continuous work for the effective resettlement of young custody leavers, as well as on its recent research report, which represents a valuable contribution to the promotion of good practices within the juvenile justice system.

Download the report here.

To access all publications from Beyond Youth Custody, click here.

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