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Saturday 4th of July 2020

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Unicef opposes lowering the age of criminal responsibility of children in Argentina

Thursday 17th of January 2019
Juvenile Justice in the world

On the 16th January, in the face of the Argentinian government´s project to establish new legislation on youth justice which proposes to lower the age of criminal responsibility from 16 years to 15, Unicef published a document entitled  ‘Ideas para contribuir al debate sobre la Ley de Justicia Penal Juvenil’ (Ideas contributing to the debate about the Juvenile Justice Law).

Unicef considers the age of criminal responsibility “an important element of the Juvenile Justice Law that has to be dealt with alongside other aspects of this law, and not in an isolated manner. In Argentina, the reform of the Juvenile Justice System does not need to lower the age of criminal responsibility, something that would be interpreted as a setback and a regressive move in terms of human rights. It is necessary to find an approach to Juvenile Justice that does not affect the rights that are established within the international treaties which form part of the Argentinian Constitution.”

Additionally, they believe “it is extremely important that Argentina has a Juvenile Justice Law that stands in line with international standards”, for which “a specialised justice system, with a focus on the prevention of conflict with the law rather than repression, and a strategy orientated around social reintegration that offers adolescents opportunities for education, professional training, and recreation is required.”

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