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Monday 28th of September 2020

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10 October 2011. The World Mental Health Day “Investing in Mental Health”

Thursday 27th of October 2011
Juvenile Justice in the world

According to the recent report done by the World Health Organization (WHO) - "Almost 50% of all mental disorders begin before a person reaches the age of 14". On the occasion of celebration of The World Mental Health Day, the IJJO wants to demonstrate its strong support for various WHO´s initiatives aiming to raise awareness, promote open discussion on mental health problems as well as to encourage inveting in prevention services, advocacy and treatment. On this occasion, the IJJO invites you to consult the recommendations of the Fourth IJJO International Conference focused on mental health and young offenders.

The IJJO, via its research activities on the mental health of juveniles, wants to contribute to the celebration of this special day proposing a series of recommendations which are the result of the Fourth IJJO International Conference - "Building Integrated Juvenile Justice systems: Approaches and methodologies regarding mental disorders and drug misuse" which was held in November 2010. As the primary result of the OIJJ´s European research on the European Comparative Analysis and Knowledge Transfer on Mental-Health resources for Young Offenders (MHYO), the OIJJ has a great pleasure to announce and publish its recommendations framed during the International 'Building Integrative Juvenile Justice Systems: Approaches and methodologies regarding mental disorders and drugs misuse' where the organization´s main objective was improvement of the solutions for juvenile offenders with mental disorders. The participants of the Fourth IJJO International Conference were the representatives of the UN, COE and EU, national and local authorities, academics and NGOs all working on the issue of juvenile justice on a daily basis, coping with on the one hand the subject of the "Mental disorders and drugs misuse: Analysis of the situation of minors in conflict with the law" and, on the other hand, the "Juvenile justice and health systems: A necessary multidisciplinary and integrative collaboration". In conclusion, the IJJO presents its recommendations on "Mental Health and Young offenders" stressing the importance of the need to develop and improve the integrated multidisciplinary collaboration within juvenile justice and health systems, which, as IJJO strongly believes, will result in the provision of an effective response to the needs of those who need it the most, therefore, children at risk. Finally, the IJJO is to publish, in the future editions, the final results of the Daphne III Programme "The European Comparative Analysis and Knowledge Transfer on Mental-Health resources for Young Offenders (MHYO)" as well as to communicate them directly to the programme participants and collaborators. The IJJO joins the WHO´s initiative and through its recommendations wants to contribute to the progress in the subject of this year´s World Mental Health Day: "Investing in Mental Health".

Recomendations - Mental Health and Young offenders (MHYO)

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