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Friday 13th of December 2019


Children Support Centre


National, Lithuania

TypeCountry of originConstitution

Social action NGO Lithuania1995


Child, Protection, Social


  • Provides psychological assistance to children, adults and families to cope with psychological crises and overcome emotional disturbances;
  • Implements child abuse prevention and intervention programs and provides multidisciplinary help to children who have experienced abuse and their family members;
  • Carries out the „Big Brothers Big Sisters“ program in Lithuania;
  • Develops and implements professional training and interdisciplinary partnership programs for specialists in education, health care, law enforcement, and social services;
  • Advises parents and guardians, develops and implements programs that teach effective family communication and child rearing skills;
  • Represents the interests of children in the process of drafting legislation quaranteeing child rigts;
  • Encourages community involvement in defending and meeting the needs of children.


The concept of the Children Support Center was born when the „Big Brothers Big Sisters“ program, sponsored by the „Open Society Fund Lithuania“ was being implemented. Direct ongoing help from volunteers for children experiencing crisis was unknown in Lithuania at that time. The first two years were devoted to introducing and establishing the idea of volunteering. Posters were distributed; a video was made and shown on Lithuanian Television throughout 1996; over 20 articles about BBBS activities appeared in major newspapers and magazines; information about the „Big Brothers Big Sisters“ was presented to the Parliament, Presidency, Council of Ministers and other state and non-govermental agencies; employees and volunteers appeared on radio and TV. BBBS became known to the majority of Lithuanian people and organizations. Many cooperative contacts were established. New volunteers, as well as numerous parents seeking help for their children came to the program. Schools and other social organizations that provide assistance to children contacted the program also. On one hand, the number of volunteers interested and able to help children grew quickly. On the other hand, the number of children needing help increased, as did the range of their issues - from loneliness and lack of friends to emotional, physical and sexual abuse. An obvious need for assistance raised new challenges and determined objectives for the work. The main goal was to create a center which provided assistance to families, children, and guardians, as well as persons working with children, and ensured quality professional services adapted to the individual psychological needs of the child and family. The Center's three employees began providing psychological counseling services to children with emotional and behavioral problems, as well as developing and offering training programs for people working with children

Contact details

Latvių g. 19A , LT-08113, Vilnius, Lithuania


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