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Friday 21st of February 2020


Law Faculty of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens


National, Greece

TypeCountry of originConstitution

Universities Greece1837


Education, Legislation


The Faculty of Law is one of the four oldest faculties (‘schools’) of the University of Athens. Established in 1837, it has made a substantial contribution to the advancement of academic research and teaching in the field of law and it has significant impact on the quality of legislation in the country. The Faculty of Law has produced some of the finest legal minds of Greece, lawyers and judges of the highest calibre, active in many walks of legal life.

The Law Faculty of the University of Athens provides a general education in law at the undergraduate level. Consequently, students are required to attend and be examined in a wide array of 31 subjects, so that they may acquire a general picture of law and legal studies. For those wishing to achieve some degree of specialisation, there is also a number of optional courses, both compulsory and free.

Contact details

57 Solonos St., 45 Akadimias. St, 3 Sina St., Athens, Greece
Telephone: 3,02104E+11


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