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Wednesday 17th of July 2019


The Center for Juvenile Justice Reform


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The Center works to focus the nation's juvenile justice and related systems of care on the key principles embodied in an evidence-based juvenile justice reform agenda, utilizing a multi-systems approach. These include:
an effective balance of prevention and intervention services;
an individualized system of justice for youth;
implementation of proven and effective practices;
strong linkages to the community; and
significant public engagement and building of public and political will.


The Center for Juvenile Justice Reform at Georgetown University advances a balanced, multi-systems approach to fighting juvenile crime that holds youth accountable and promotes positive child and youth development. It supports this reform agenda through a variety of activities, primarily a groundbreaking program of intensive study designed for public agency leaders responsible for policy development and implementation in their jurisdictions. This program of intensive study has been formally established through two Certificate Program sessions conducted annually, one designed for individuals and one for multi-system jurisdictional teams.
The Center provides strong and sustained national leadership in identifying and highlighting the research on policies and practices that work best to reduce delinquency. Housed in one of the most prestigious universities in the country at the Georgetown Public Policy Institute, the Center is in a unique position to achieve this leadership role. Shay Bilchik, one of the country's most influential voices in the juvenile justice arena, leads the Center's efforts and works closely with Georgetown's other Policy Centers and departments, including the Centers for Public and Nonprofit Leadership, Child and Human Development, and Children and Families.

Contact details

3300 Whitehaven Street, N.W., Suite 5000
20057-1485, Washington, United States
Telephone: 12026877657 - Fax: 12026873110


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