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Miércoles, 21 de Octubre de 2020

Actividades OIJJ


diciembre 2010 - diciembre 2014 Políticas públicas, Prevención, Violencia


EUROsociAL II programme is a technical cooperation initiative of the European Commission which its main objective is to contribute to increase social cohesion in Latin America. The programme aims at supporting national public policies in order to promote social cohesion levels and strengthen the institutions and organizations responsible for these policies. EUROsociAL II works on five themes that reflect the interests and priorities of the Latin American governments.

The IJJO and the European Forum for Urban Safety (EFUS) are part of the consortium as an operating partner in the fifth axis of 'Public security/rights and access to the justice' in the subject area of 'Public Safety'. This axis is led and coordinated by France Expertise International (FEI).

During June and July 2012, the IJJO carried out the missions for deepening knowledge to Latin American countries that expressed interest in the area of Public Safety of the program: Colombia, Ecuador, Salvador, Honduras, Uruguay and Mexico. The main aim of these missions was to bring together public actors responsible for the development and implementation of public security policies and specifically the prevention of violence. The main objectives of these missions were:
- To recognize and study all the public initiatives in the prevention of violence and youth violence and specifically with respect to the coordination of stakeholders involved in the prevention of violence and youth violence.
- To identify how EUROsociAL can strengthen and support governmental initiatives in the public safety and through what mechanisms and specific activities can benefit from the programme.

The IJJO is committed and actively involved in the phenomenon of juvenile delinquency in Latin America through activities and projects in the region. Similarly, the IJJO is very interested in providing coordinated and effective responses to decrease the levels of youth violence in Latin American countries, promoting the integral development of the children and young people of Latin American societies as well as promoting social inclusion. With respect to this, the  IJJO works on the creation of Latin American think tanks, development initiatives, implementation of norms and standards of good practice and works for education and integration of Latin American youth in social exclusion and in conflict with the law.


Overall objective: The main objective of the EUROsociAL programme is to share the know-how heritage of the governments and public administrations from the two regions in order to strengthen the ability to design and implement, in an efficient and effective manner, the policies that affect social cohesion in those Latin American countries that require it.





In the area of ​​public safety, following the analysis of the demands and the exchange and scheduling meeting on "Social Prevention of Violence in Latin America" held in San Salvador in November 2011, we identified a line of work: the coordination of the stakeholders involved in violence prevention. Within this line of work two approaches arose: A vertical coordination between national and local stakeholders, and a horizontal coordination between stakeholders involved in youth violence prevention.


These two approaches are very close and highly linked to each other. It is intended to determine with the participating countries which are the most interesting aspects of coordination or that are necessary for them. To determine the initiatives, policies, activities, etc. that are being implemented in the area of violence prevention. Moreover, to specify how the EUROsociAL II programme can help to strengthen such initiatives and to determine which mechanisms or specific activities can benefit from the programme.



- Colombia: support for the creation of the next National Policy on Youth Delinquency Prevention.

- Colombia: strengthening the implementation of the National Policy on Security and Coexistence.

- Uruguay: methodological protocol for the joint action of stakeholders sympathetic to the Local Comprehensive Management of Public Safety Plan.

- Uruguay: support to the operational implementation of the roundtable about Local Comprehensive Management of Public Safety Plan.

- Mexico: Action Protocol for the Institutional Coordination on Crime Prevention and Citizen Participation.


Coordinating partners:

European:       IILA: Istituto-Latinoamericano (Italy)

            FEI: France Expertise Internationale (France)

            FIIAPP: Fundación Internacional y para Iberoamérica de Administración y Políticas                                 Públicas (Spain)

            GIZ: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (Germany)


Latin American:         

Social Action: Agencia Presidencial para la Acción Social y para la Cooperación Internacional (Colombia)


            ENAP: Escola Nacional de Administraçao Pública (Brasil)

            SICA: Sistema de la Integración Centroamericana (El Salvador)


Public safety:

Coordinating partner: France Expertise Internationale (FEI)

Operating partners: International Juvenile Justice Observatory (IJJO)

                              European Forum for Urban Safety (EFUS)

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