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Domingo, 27 de Septiembre de 2020


Practical Workshop on Evidence based Policy Making and Implementation



Lunes, 17 de Abril de 2017 - Martes, 21 de Marzo de 2017


There is increasing pressure on policy makers to develop more effective policies and to direct and manage resources in more focused and efficient ways that result in improved implementation and outcomes. Evidence-based policy-making is an approach that has become increasingly prevalent in recent years. It is based on the premise that better policies and better decision-making result when these are based on sound empirical evidence and solid rational analysis. It is also critical to use evidence to improve implementation. Evidence-Based PolicyMaking and Implementation (EBPM&I) therefore focuses on establishing rigorously objective evidence as a key informant of policy, but also for improving implementation of public services. However, there are many areas of government which are not well served by quantitative research, leading to debate about the methods and instruments that are considered critical for the collection of relevant evidence. In addition to data, understanding institutional policy- and decision-making processes, analytical skills and political support are seen as important elements. This Workshop aims to engage with this debate and help leaders understand how evidence can help them to make the best decisions about policies, programmes, services and budgets. Tools to be discussed include qualitative and quantitative research, empirical research, action research, pilot projects and reflections, clinical trials, stakeholder engagements, expert input, case studies/ diaries/ photographic stories/ autobiographies, evaluations, impact assessments and appraisals and more.

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ForumIS (Organización Internacional)

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