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Domingo, 24 de Junio de 2018


Conference 'Redesigning Justice: Promoting civil rights, trust and fairness'



Miércoles, 21 de Marzo de 2018 - Jueves, 22 de Marzo de 2018


Justice and the systems for delivering justice are often criticised but rarely is there a credible, achievable challenge to the status quo.  We are witnessing a global climate of mistrust and challenge to the establishment and justice leadership.  The time is right to consider the way we do justice and what we want the justice system to achieve.

The conference will shine a light on seemingly intransigent aspects of justice systems including what equality and legitimacy mean 50 years after the assassination of Martin Luther King and why prison is still so central to justice responses to crime.  It will also seek to develop thinking on the changing dynamics of crime with the increasing prominence of cybercrime and fraud and, with the rise of social media, on justice debates.

We will consider theoretical, policy, practice-based and more innovative contributions around a wide range of issues that encompass the broad theme justice and the wider conference themes, as well as papers with a focus on:

Social justice, human rights and penal policy

Penality and penal reform strategies

The role of the state

Learning from history

Relationship between social policy and penal policy

Local justice and participation

Comparative criminology

Innovation and justice


Youth justice

Politics and crime

The Howard League is looking for papers from academics, policy makers, practitioners, PhD students and researchers from within the criminological and legal disciplines, however the organisation is also keen to include contributions from fields of study including philosophy, geography, political science and economics.

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The Howard League for Penal Reform (Asociación Sin Ánimo de Lucro (AISBL))

Palabras clave

Derechos, Desarrollo, Justicia, Sistemas


Keble College, OX1 3PG, Oxford
Reino Unido

Más información

The Howard League for Penal Reform, 1 Ardleigh Road, London
N1 4HS, London, Reino Unido
Teléfono: +442072497373


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