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Miércoles, 26 de Febrero de 2020

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National Report for the Project Youth Policies and Participation for Italy

Gabriele Lenzi, Morena Cuconato, Corina Laasch, Luca Minguzzi


In the year 2000, Italy achieved a remarkably positive result as regards employment. Started in the late 90s, employment growth recorded a significant acceleration between January 2000 and January 2001, with an increase of 3.2%, equal to 656,000 new jobs. These figures were partly due to a GDP growth rate of about 3% (National Employment Plan 2001), but they also resulted from reforms of the labour market which have occurred in recent years and affected the youth employment situation: temporary or part-time jobs, new apprenticeship, tax incentives, reduction of indirect tax burden on labour cost. From a qualitative perspective, two facts are particularly worth of attention, namely the significant growth in employment in the south of Italy - coupled with a clear tendency for undeclared work to come to light - and a high growth in female employment. All these positive results reflect in a decrease in the unemployment rate, which fell under 10% (ibid.) for the first time last decade.
Nonetheless, while in the centre-north of Italy average unemployment is estimated as being lower than in the rest of Europe, even with a certain labour shortage in the north-eastern regions, unemployment in the south is still more than double that of the EU, despite the significant improvements mentioned.


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