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Domingo, 16 de Febrero de 2020

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Survey of Peak Employer Groups: Comparison of Impacts of Minor Cannabis Offences on Employment in South Australia and Western Australia

Steve Allsop, Alex Ask, Paul Christie,Mike Phillips, Matthew Davies.


1 The current study examined whether Australian employers discriminate against job applicants and/or existing employees who have committed a minor cannabis offence.
2 Past research revealed that there are few publications on this topic. Australian research conducted on cannabis in the workplace has focused solely on the prevalence of use (usually outside of work hours).
3 A telephone survey was conducted to examine whether a minor cannabis offence is an employment issue for peak employers (ie. employers who are prominent or leading organisations in their respective industry). A representative sampling procedure was adopted in both SA and WA. Samples were drawn across states because there are two types of legislative systems on cannabis in Australia, viz, partial decriminalisation or prohibition with civil penalties for minor offences (SA, NT, and ACT) and total prohibition (WA, NSW, Tasmania, Victoria, and Queensland). It was surmised that there may be differences in the extent of discrimination between states precisely because of the differing legislative systems.
4 The response rates were moderate in both states. The response rates in SA and WA were 45% and 50%, respectively. The samples appeared to represent the diversity of industry and occupational groups in both states.
5 A high proportion of the SA and WA samples had a formal policy on alcohol and other drugs (AOD). The WA sample had more policy types involving the employee being warned before the possibility of dismissal for AOD incidents at work. A significantly higher proportion of the WA sample reported having an OHS committee and/or representative, being attached to an EAP, and reporting a workplace AOD incident in the few years prior to the interview, in comparison to the SA sample.


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