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Sábado, 21 de Julio de 2018

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Beyond Borders: How to make the global compacts on migration and refugees work for uprooted children


Migration has been a part of the human experience throughout history. For many children and families, leaving home to settle in a new community is a milestone in the search for educational or employment opportunity. For some, migration is propelled by a drive for a better life, adventure or a curiosity about new lands and cultures.

Around the world, however, children also are forced from their homes by factors including war, poverty, persecution and climate change.

When children are uprooted – whatever the reason – they embark on a journey. It starts in their communities of origin and continues as they transit within national boundaries or across borders. Children who arrive at their destinations are granted permission to stay, are pushed towards a new land, or are forced to return to their country of origin. Often, they face lengthy immigration procedures. Others remain without the proper paperwork.



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2017 Inglés

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Inmigración, Menores, Protección, Seguridad

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Fichero Pdf 978-92-806-4933-8

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