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Sábado, 21 de Julio de 2018

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South Dakota Juvenile Justice Public Safety Improvement Act (JJPSIA) Annual Report

South Dakota Juvenile Justice Oversight Council


­The data contained in this report represents a collaboration of efforts by the Department of Corrections, Department of Social Services, Unified Judicial System and various juvenile justice system stakeholders. ­This report and the information provided is intended to ensure oversight and data collection related to the implementation of juvenile justice reforms intended to improve outcomes for the youth of South Dakota.

The majority of the policy changes included in JJPSIA went into effect January 1, 2016. The data included in this report reflect performance and outcome measures as of the end of Fiscal Year 2017, as well as historical data for prior years, where available (in certain areas historical comparisons are not possible because the data was not routinely collected prior to JJPSIA).

The purpose of reporting these measures is two-fold: 1) to monitor the impact of the policy changes and assess whether the goals of JJPSIA are being met; and 2) to continue making sound data-driven policy decisions.

Additionally, JJPSIA, was designed to increase public safety by improving outcomes for youth in the juvenile justice system; effectively hold juveniles more accountable; and, reduce costs by investing in proven community-based practices while saving residential facilities for juveniles who are a public safety risk.

The following report is designed to reflect alignment of these goals with what is happening in the South Dakota juvenile justice system.


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