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Lunes, 23 de Julio de 2018

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Alternative resolutions - Guidance on dispute resolution on football field

The International Affairs Unit of the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)


This video tells about mediation by the means of football. Football is a universal common language and all areas of life can be found in the game. In the video the Kosovan Albanian professional football player Mehmet Hetemaj plays with amateur footballers. This video was filmed in October 2016 in the field of Helsingin Palloseura in Helsinki, Finland. In the production team were, inter alia, Optipari Production Company, Universal Music, officials and footballers. The video was conducted and filmed entirely on a voluntary basis.

The video was made in connection to an ongoing EU-funded project “Support to the development of Alternative Dispute Resolutions in Albania” led by the Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). Alternative dispute resolution is being further developed in Albania in cooperation with Albanian, Finnish and Czech experts.


Europa - Finlandia

Año Idioma

2016 Inglés

Categoria Tipo

Multimedia Multimedia

Palabras clave

Asistencia, Bienestar, Buenas prácticas, Mediación




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