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Lunes, 16 de Julio de 2018

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EU Guidelines for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of the Child (2017)

European Union


The purpose of these “EU Guidelines for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of the Child” (the “Guidelines”12) , is to recall international standards on the rights of the child and to provide practical guidance to officials of EU institutions and EU Member States in order to (i) strengthen their role in promoting and protecting the rights of all children in EU external action by encouraging and supporting the strengthening of partner countries’ own systems, and (ii) further strengthen their cooperation with international and civil society organisations.

To achieve its commitments on promoting and protecting the rights of the child, the EU promotes the General Measures of Implementation (GMI) of the UNCRC as set out in its General Comment No. 513. The GMI are intended to promote the full enjoyment of all rights in the Convention by all children through legislation, budget allocations, the establishment of coordinating and monitoring bodies – governmental and independent - comprehensive data collection, - awareness-raising and training, and the development and implementation of appropriate policies, services and programmes. The GMI therefore act as the very foundations for the realisation of the rights of the child by ensuring that the necessary structures and resources are in place through a systems-strengthening approach.


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