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Miércoles, 17 de Julio de 2019

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Family Support. Supporting families confronted with violent radicalisation: a guide to inspire

Kim Lecoyer, Kenniscentrum Hoger Instituut voor Gezinswetenschappen – Odisee Hogeschool Hassan Bousetta, Mégane Dethier, Centre d’Etude de l’Ethnicité et des Migrations, Université de Liège
Directorate General Security & Prevention (Ministry of the Interior)


Most of the families faced with violent radicalisation are prey to questions and confusion. Often, they know neither who to turn to for help, nor to which competent services they can go for support and guidance. Yet families play an important role in the fight against indoctrination and recruitment by violent extremist groups. Families are well placed to register the first signs of a process of recruitment and to listen to and advise young people facing doubts and disillusionment. Furthermore, in addition to prevention and support, the challenges raised - as much with the families as with actors in the field - now relate to questions of reintegration of radicalised people.

It is on the basis of these observations that the Family Support Project was initiated by the Belgian Ministry of the Interior’s Directorate-General for Security and Prevention, with support from the European Commission. The King Baudouin Foundation was appointed to coordinate this initiative, in collaboration with partners from the academic world and civil society.

The ambition of this project was to conduct a situational analysis regarding the support given to families confronted with violent radicalisation, to contribute to and strengthen existing know-how and expertise, to encourage the exchange of information, to share promising practices and to strengthen the implementation of such practices at local and national level.


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