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Viernes, 18 de Octubre de 2019

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Parenting in the Digital Age: Parental guidance for the online protection of children from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse

Dr Elizabeth Milovidov, JD
Council of Europe


Sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of children can have serious and often detrimental consequences on children for their entire life. States need to ensure that parents, educators and decision-makers do not shy away from the problem, but bring it to light and discuss ways to solve the issues.

States have a crucial role to play in ensuring child protection online as well as offline, and in guiding parents and carers to available resources and best practices in safely navigating digital environment.

The aim of this handbook is to brief parents and child carers on five current online risks of a sexual nature and to provide resources and best practices for parents and carers to prevent the sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of children.

This handbook is divided into six sections

1 Online protection of children

2 Online sexual exploitation of children (Sextortion)

3 Self-generated sexually explicit images and materials involving children (Sexting)

4 Sex-chatting

5 Grooming

6 Sexualised images used in revenge (Revenge Porn)

The Council of Europe has prepared videos on each of these themes, which can be found here.



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