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Domingo, 29 de Marzo de 2020


Business & Human Rights Resource Centre



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The portal has been developed to give practical assistance to people from all sectors in their work and decision-making, leading to better protection of the rights and welfare of children. In particular it aims to assist:

companies: by providing guidance tools; examples of good and bad practice

children: by raising awareness of the ways business affects their lives, in all regions

NGOs: by highlighting their concerns & initiatives; providing information for their research and campaigning

governments: information to help them protect against abuses by business; examples of government initiatives

media: under-the-radar cases and issues they may want to investigate

investors and consumers: information to guide their investment, purchasing decisions


The Business & Children Portal brings together in one place useful information about how companies are impacting children (positively or negatively). The Resource Centre is giving this subject priority because children are considered a vulnerable group, whose rights require particular attention. As the Declaration of the Rights of the Child states and the Convention on the Rights of the Child reiterates: “…the child, by reason of his physical and mental immaturity, needs special safeguards and care.”

The portal covers a broad spectrum of issues ranging from child labour to child participation, sexual exploitation to education, to pollution and conflict zones. The content comes from many sources including NGOs, international organizations such as UNICEF and the ILO, governments, journalists, academics, and companies themselves. It features responses by companies to allegations of misconduct, sought and obtained by the Resource Centre. The portal has a news section, updated round the clock.

The portal’s content is mainly in English with some material in Spanish and French. Non-English language content will be built up over time.

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1-3 Charlotte Street, 3rd floor
W1T 1RD, London, Reino Unido
Teléfono:4,42076E+11 - Fax: 4,42076E+11


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