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Nacional, Grecia

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ONG acción social Grecia2005


Centros, Menores, Rehabilitación


NGO IASIS provides the following services:
- Social, welfare and psychological support.
- Monthly informative events on health issues.
- Individual psychotherapeutic sessions.
- Empowerment and support to socially vulnerable groups (immigrants, gender disorders).
- Art therapy groups.
- Work therapy and skill development.
- Training programs for foreing languages and ICT
- Drama therapy, music therapy, groups of theatrical play.
- Physiotherapy and movement therapy programs.
- Entertainment programs (visits to museums, excursions, screenings).
- Training for volunteers and students.
- Psychological support to individuals with chronic illnesses.
- Cooperation with environmental organizations.
- Cooperation with institutions abroad on mental health issues.
- Organization of conferences for the sensitization of the public on mental health issues.
- Weekly training on the systemic psychological approach.


NGO IASIS began its operation in 2005 providing therapeutic and counseling services of psychosocial support. Within this framework it operates two specialized centers:
• The Day Center IASIS that operates since 2008 and is situated in the center of Athens. It is an open structure providing services to adults who face mental health problems. Special seminars and training programs are, also, implemented in an attempt to inform and sensitize the local society. The overall aim of the Center is to act both on the level of psychosocial rehabilitation as well as on the level of prevention and informing concerning Mental Health.
• The Boarding House IASIS operating since 2006 in the area o Saint Nicolas in Athens. It houses 15 residents, individuals with psychological disorders and severe mental retardation. Its aim is to support the social rehabilitation of its residents. In an effort to improve the quality of the services provided, the Center operates in accordance with the quality model ISO 9001:2000.

Datos de contacto

Day Center IASIS
Patision Av. 68 & Kotsika 2
Metro Station Victoria,
1034, Athens, Grecia


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