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Martes, 25 de Febrero de 2020


Indian Committee of Youth Organizations


Nacional, India

TipoPaís de origenConstitution

Red de ONG's India1982


Educación, Explotación, Juvenil, Salud, Social



- To strengthen the existing youth agencies and foster development of new agencies in the area of youth mobilization on environment, rural and community development, health, population, cultural heritage, habitat, sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of child & youth , national integration peace

- To assist and guide member organizations to conduct all kinds of activities in the field of youth development, mobilization and education;

- To set up training center’s, to assist members in research and evaluation to help members with advice and other means in raising funds, and to act as a liaison between members and other agencies.

- To arrange seminars, conferences, workshops to discuss and study the problems faced by the members, issues concerning youth development, health and environment and to provide training to the member organizations in various aspects of project planning, budget, implementation and evaluation.


Indian Committee of Youth Organizations (ICYO) is a non-profit, network organization, committed to develop areas of mutual cooperation and understanding among the different youth voluntary agencies, youth groups and clubs and individuals functioning in India. ICYO is family of over 393 organizations spread in 122 districts of 26 states representing all corners of India.

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Safdarjung Enclave
New Delhi 110 029, INDIA,


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