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Martes, 22 de Octubre de 2019


International Child Development Initiatives


Internacional, Paises Bajos

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ONG acción social Paises Bajos


No child should be neglected

We, at ICDI, believe that all children and young people deserve the same rights and opportunities to realize their potential and to lead happy lives.


We jointly create new knowledge

Therefore we believe that people with relevant ideas, skills and commitment need to engage with the underlying causes of issues that children and young people face. ICDI stimulates knowledge transfer and exchange amongst child and youth care professionals and other people who play a role in the daily lives of children and young people. We build new knowledge on the experience of professionals and of children and young people, looking especially at their resilience capacity and original ways they find to cope and transform their lives against odds. 


We work together

We bring together people from different educational backgrounds, fields of work and walks of life; people who share a passion for, and interest in things that are important for and to children and young people. We do this so that we can jointly develop inspiring ideas and feasible strategies on how to improve children and young people’s lives and futures.


We promote children’s and young people’s participation

We support children and young people to be meaningfully involved in all manners regarding their lives as their inputs are vital in understanding and overcoming the problems they face. We strongly uphold their right for their opinion to be heard and taken seriously.


We do things differently

We also believe in doing things a bit differently. In a fast paced, globalized world solutions need to be based both on solid, contextualized knowledge of children’s development, as well as being ground-breaking and flexible. We focus on strengths and assets and on that which promotes the healthy development and well-being of children and young people. To this end, we utilize a mix of research, policy development, network building and training tools. We build on local capacities, create equal, professional partnerships between people and organizations, and strengthen social relationships, equity and solidarity.


ICDI is a Dutch non-profit organisation with a world wide brief, and a focus on developing countries. ICDI promotes the well-being of children growing up in difficult circumstances. We work to improve the policies and practices which affect these children by assisting in the development of local capacity (of children, their communities, organizations, and authorities). We believe in the power of children and young people, supporting their rights and addressing the underlying causes for the problems they face.

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Hooglandse Kerkgracht 17, F 2312 HS , Leiden, Paises Bajos


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