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Domingo, 15 de Septiembre de 2019


International Development Research Centre



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Centros de investigación Canadá1970


Desarrollo, Inmigración, Investigación, Políticas públicas, Salud, Social


IDRC believes that research and innovation hold the keys to progress in developing countries.

To make knowledge a tool for addressing pressing challenges, we provide researchers in developing countries with the financial resources, advice, and training that will help them find solutions to the local problems they identify we encourage sharing knowledge with policymakers, other researchers, and communities around the world we foster new talent by offering fellowships and awards we disseminate research findings and strive to get new knowledge into the hands  of those who can use it.

In doing so, we make an important contribution to Canada’s foreign policy, complementing the work of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada, and other government departments and agencies. This helps promote Canadian values such as political and intellectual pluralism and intellectual diversity, evidence-based policy-making, and democratic dialogue.


The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) is a Canadian Crown corporation established by an act of Parliament in 1970 to help developing countries find solutions to their problems.

We encourage and support researchers and innovators in those countries to find practical, long-term solutions to the social, economic, and environmental problems their societies face. Our goal is to find ways to reduce poverty, improve health, support innovation, and safeguard the environment.

We often work with other Canadian government departments and agencies on programs of mutual interest that are aligned with Canadian values and government priorities. Many of these initiatives create opportunities for researchers from Canada and the developing world to collaborate on research of common interest.

Most of IDRC’s funding comes from annual appropriations from Canada’s Parliament. IDRC also receives funds from other sources, such as foundations and other Canadian and international organizations that support international development or fund research.

IDRC is guided by an international Board of Governors. We report to Canada’s Parliament through the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Our head office is in Ottawa, Canada. Four regional offices help ensure the relevance of our work.

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150 Kent Street, K1P 0B2, Ottawa, Ontario, Canadá
Teléfono:(+1) 613-236-6163


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