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Viernes, 10 de Abril de 2020


Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency


Nacional, Bosnia y Herzegovina

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Agencia Bosnia y Herzegovina2003


Cooperación al desarrollo


Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) are key actors in the elaboration and implementation of economic development strategies at regional level. Where there is no RDA’s, development actions are badly synchronized since horizontal links and coordination are often weak. Where an RDA exists, there is an institutional frame for linking a range of actions and ensuring that they are in line with the diverse set of common objectives agreed by the various stakeholders. These stakeholders include:

- Local authorities
- Local communities
- Chambers of commerce and employers’ associations
- Research and education institutions
- Local development organizations
- NGOs
- Business service providers
- Labor market organizations
- Trade-unions

The RDA’s unique structure and organization (legal nature, management board configuration, accountability towards a varied set of stakeholders) allows it to create missing horizontal and cross-cutting links at all institutional levels through its relationships with the region’s economic and institutional actors. These relationships emerge through the interested parties’ active involvement in the regional economic development strategy and their ensuing detailed understanding of the regional development process.

The RDA must build strong regional partnerships for development programming and implementation. Regional economic development is a long-term process and its biggest challenge is the need to combine or reconcile short-medium and long-term priorities. Hence, to permanently maintain quality development planning and to fulfill the common expectations of regional stakeholders, their representatives must be actively involved in the continuous planning and implementation process.


Within the last 9 year period, SERDA has consolidated itself as a leading Agency for the regional economic development. Recognizing the needs of its founders and members, SERDA creates the favorable environment for a balanced, integrated and harmonized development of the Sarajevo Macro Region.
In accordance with the successful implementation of activities in the previous year, the Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency SERDA in 2012. will continue with the implementation of projects and project activities aimed at improving the overall environment for further economic development of the macro-region of Sarajevo. The plan envisaged the realization of projects in cooperation with the founder SERDA and projects that were approved under previous calls on the EU, among which are:

1. Project Support to the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises in the metals industry through introducing new technologies and jobs, implementation of EU standards and strengthening the export capacity-EUMETAL
2.Project Support the development of ecotourism in the National Park Sutjeska
3.Project "Fate” from the army to entrepreneurship
4.Project TEX-EASTile
5.Project METRIS Plus

Datos de contacto

c/o Sarajevo Canton - Regional Representation to the EU
Rue du Commerce 49
1000, Brussels, Bosnia y Herzegovina


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