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Martes, 17 de Julio de 2018


She Dreams of Freedom Consulting Group


América del Norte, Estados Unidos

TipoPaís de origen

Agencia Estados Unidos


Derechos, Género, Justicia, Juvenil


The mission of SDFCD is to improve the outcomes young women and girls in the criminal and juvenile justice system. 

To effectively address the unique challenges of girls in the justice system, there must be a multitiered system of support grounded in prevention, intervention, trauma-informed gender-responsive programming and advocacy.

Through advocacy, SDFCF aims to provide education, promote conversation and provoke action among community members, advocates, criminal and juvenile justice stakeholders, policy makers and the general public.


She Dreams of Freedom Consulting Group  (SDFCG) is a national consulting firm that provides services to the private, public and government sector that serve young women and girls in the criminal and juvenile justice system between the ages of 13-24. SDFCD specializes in providing innovative training and professional development; program development, implementation and oversight; and strategic advising.

SDFCF also serves as a multimedia collaborative that uses diverse media platforms to raise awareness about the unique challenges experienced by girls in the criminal and juvenile justice system. 

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Estados Unidos


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