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Domingo, 29 de Marzo de 2020


Voice of the Children


Nacional, Malasia

TipoPaís de origenConstitution

ONG acción social Malasia2008


Infancia, Protección


The Malaysian court system should be an environment where children’s dignity, physiological needs and emotional development are both protected and respected. It should be an environment that embraces the guidelines of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and actively follows the code of the Child Act. However, due to lack of training and knowledge, lawyers, judges, magistrates and other legal stakeholders sometimes fall short of their duty in protecting the best interests of children.

To improve this situation, VoC conducts trainings and workshops designed to promote children’s rights throughout the legal system. VoC invites prominent experts within the Malaysian and international legal community as panelists and speakers. Likewise, we encourage collaborative participation and input from all sectors of Malaysia’s legal arena, asking lawyers, members of the Attorney General’s Chambers, magistrates and judges to partake.
Underpinning every training event and exercise is the question what is in the best interest of the child? VoC holds the firm belief that with knowledge comes empathy, and with knowledge and empathy comes the confidence to guarantee the best interests of the child.


Our mission is to advocate for and promote law and policy reform to ensure that every child in Malaysia is protected and is no longer at risk of violation.
We recognize that the welfare and protection of every child in Malaysia can only be realized through the adoption, implementation and enforcement of the Convention of the Rights of the Child in Malaysia.
We work to raise public awareness on all issues affecting children while supporting the government to ensure the welfare and protection of all children in Malaysia.

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29C (Third Floor)
Jalan 52/1
Petaling Jaya, Malasia
Teléfono:60379604776 - Fax: 60379604778


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