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Lunes, 10 de Agosto de 2020


Law Faculty of the University of Cape Town


Nacional, República de Sudáfrica

TipoPaís de origenConstitution

Universidades República de Sudáfrica1829


Formación, Legislación


Research and publication play a central role for academic staff and students within the Faculty of Law. Each of the three law departments (Commercial Law, Private Law and Public Law) hosts specialized research units and encourage publication. All research in the Law Faculty is centrally administered by the Centre for Legal and Applied Research (CLEAR) which serves to advance quality research and ensure conformity with ethical standards.
The Faculty of Law has two research committees: the Faculty Research and Social Responsiveness Committee and the Research Ethics Committee. In addition, a Law Faculty representative sits on the UCT Social Responsiveness and Working Group Committee.


We believe that teaching should be research-led and the Faculty has excellent staff, both as teachers and as researchers, and as leading authors on their subjects.
The first National Research Foundation (NRF) Chair in Humanities was given to Law: two professors are A-rated researchers and fourteen are NRF-rated researchers.
Two of our staff members have been awarded Distinguished Teachers' Awards and in 2009 the Faculty won two international teaching awards.
And of course there is the excellent law library which is linked to major electronic databases and houses 284 top class journals and more than 85 000 books.

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Private Bag X3, 7701, Rondebosch, Western Cape, Cape Town, República de Sudáfrica
Teléfono:27216502706 - Fax: 27216505662


  • Observatorio Internacional de Justicia Juvenil (OIJJ). Fundación Belga de Utilidad Pública

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