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Lundi 25 Mai 2020


19 Days of Activism for Prevention of Violence Against Children and Youth



Mercredi 01 Novembre 2017 - Dimanche 19 Novembre 2017


The 19 Days Campaign is a WWSF initiative launched in 2011 by the Children-Youth Section and sponsored by the Women's World Summit Foundation - WWSF and other partners. As a multi-issue coalition of diverse partners using the 19 Days Campaign as an organizing strategy in the fight against at least one of the 19 abuse/violence issues presented in the list of campaign themes, you help create a world fit for children by: • Raising public awareness of the multi-faceted problem of abuse and violence • Mobilizing agents for change, organizations, institutions and grassroots faith-based groups • Educating for better prevention measures • Strengthening local, national and international initiatives • Establishing collaboration with other campaign partners • Creating support at the national, regional and international level • Linking prevention with the Convention on the rights of the child and the UN Study on violence against children • Lobbying governments to implement UN Study recommendations and in particular "prioritize prevention" Lobbying governments to increase investment for prevention of violence against children and youth, in particular national civil society initiatives and Child Rights organizations and advocates.

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