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Samedi 11 Juillet 2020


2018 CJJ DMC Conference



Mardi 27 Novembre 2018 - Vendredi 30 Novembre 2018


Every two years, CJJ hosts a conference focusing specifically on the issue of disproportionate minority contact (DMC) in the juvenile justice system. These conferences give juvenile justice stakeholders from around the country an opportunity to share strategies and explore solutions to this serious problem. This year's conference will bring together stakeholders working to fight disparities at the local, state, and national levels, as well as the larger juvenile justice community.

CJJ's 2018 National DMC Conference will focus on ways that young people and their communities, as well as law enforcement, court officials, advocacy groups, and State Advisory Groups can work together to combat racial and ethnic disparities (RED). Specifically, the conference will focus on:

What changes can be made at the system's front end to reduce DMC?

How can youth advocates, law enforcement, attorneys, the judiciary, and community leaders work together to combat the crisis?

What role does data collection play in eliminating RED, and how can collection be improved?

The primary goal of CJJ's 2018 National DMC Conference is to help system stakeholders-including policymakers and state DMC Coordinators-combat DMC through peer-to-peer learning, and expert training. Workshop sessions will provide participants a hands-on opportunity to explore solutions that have been shown to work in other jurisdictions.


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