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2nd International Correctional Research Symposium: What is Good Prison Research?



Mardi 08 Mai 2018 - Jeudi 10 Mai 2018


After the first successful edition of the Correctional Research Symposium in March 2017, ICPA and EuroPris in collaboration with the Prison Service of the Czech Republic have decided to organize a second edition, in Prague on 8-10 May 2018.

Under the title "What is Good Prison Research?" the Symposium aims to elaborate on questions, such as:

Bridging the gap - how do we build trust and cooperation between the academic community and Prison Services?

What are the challenges and difficulties of prison and post-prison research?

Leaving prison and beyond - how do we best integrate 'desistance' research with prisons research?

How do we identify and combine the needs of academics and Prison Services?

What questions should Prison and Post-Prison Research be asking?

Should Prison Services develop in-house research and / or closer relationships with external research institutions?

Can we give examples of outstanding applied research - focusing both on methodology and content?

What makes evidence credible?

The Symposium would like to address these questions through panel sessions with researchers and practitioners, through plenary presentations and workshops.

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